IS is worth trailing the affluent photographer?

Yeah, what it says on the title. DO the benefits of investigating the affluent photographer outweigh the problems/negative consequences of it?[li]

Edit: I’m wrong, based on later replies- at the very least it can be considered 2 echoes/action. Edit Two: or maybe not, see later replies.

I don’t think it is worth it from a game sense. The reward is superseded by items you’ll likely want to eventually buy from the bazaar. (in particular the ratskin suit)

However, the reward is a unique item and many people will want to have it (and maybe even repeat the &quotquest&quot for the other item).

The reward is also worth 6 echoes… can’t remember how many actions it took to obtain it, but maybe useful early game when players don;'t receive many echoes per action. Not sure.
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[/li][li]As far as I remember, the only negative effect is the wasted actions, but I’m quite happy with the reward, it just looks cool (Anarchist’s Sable) and I could quit using the Shabby Opera Cloak for the +Shadowy.[/li][li]

It’s 3-5 actions (depending on if you switch from the Photographer to the other guy) and both give you a reward of 6.00 echoes worth. You can replay it as often as you like, with the same rewards. It has no game effect other than the reward, and I found it to be an okay one, with a high level reward for little effort. I don’t have any complaint about it.

Um, what about the opportunity cards you have to wait for til you get 3 points of Trailing, etc.

Well, I have begun to trail the photographer, and will probably replay it once to get both rewards (that’s if I understood correctly) thanks you ladies and gentleman, your help is very much appreciated.

It’s got pretty decent stats, actually, only superseded by those of the ratskin suit. It’s not worth doing if you’re around 60+ stats or more than once, though. If you can afford a ratsuit I recommend that.

Yes, but you can sell them and that’s pretty lucrative. At least IMO

[quote=Joy Phillip]Yes, but you can sell them and that’s pretty lucrative.[/quote]It brings in less than 40 pence per action, or up to 50 pence if you can reliably find people to dupe.

Okay, I must be missing something here.

You start trailing the Affluent Photographer (1 card and action)
You get another card (second action and card)
You get Calligula coffee house (third card and action
You get the third trailing card (fourth card and action
Then you get In the Garden (fifth card and action) which brings you one of two suits, both worth 6 echos.

how is that 40 pence per action and how are you duping people? If you send stuff out to other players, yeah, but if you ignore all that and just do it yourself, you are getting 1.20 echos per action.

You need to get your trailing up to 3 for each development. So:

3 Trailing Cards
Revolution and Coffee
3 Trailing cards
A Tiny Crime
3 Trailing cards
In the Garden
3 Trailing cards
Just rewards.

Unless you dupe people, in which case you only need to play 6 trailing cards since you’ll gain 2 for each selfish request.
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