Irresistible and Compelling?

My character, Numbers, currently registers as both irresistible and compelling (seen here: the description is &quotNumbers Prendergast, a midnight, sinister, irresistible, and compelling individual of mysterious and indistinct gender&quot) and I was wondering if this apparent and inaccurate double listing of Persuasive statuses could somehow be attributed to Making Waves or Influence?

Irresistible is the level I’m at now, for reference.

The double-listing of your two highest stats’ titles has gone back as far as I can remember. It’s definitely not Making Waves or Influence related.

Thank you! I must’ve never noticed, whoops. I hadn’t paid attention to the list of descriptors until recently.

It does start after you reach a certain threshold, though I forget when exactly. It’s definitely possible to only have two or three adjectives.

You gain two descriptors of your top stats when you reach level 100 in said stats.