Irons Is Dead: A Roleplay for the London that Fell

The idea is simple: you play as you character in Fallen London, who, for whatever reason, happens to be in Ladybones Road, near Moloch station, when a gaggle of assassins bomb the silent money loving life out of Mr. irons. No one knows who or why, and everyone is suspect. Your character will initially be regarded as an ally of the bombers. If they can get either the chief constable or a master to vouch for them, then they will be let go. If they can’t, they must break out of New Newgate, and join the city wide search for Iron’s killer, so that they can clear their name.

What do you think?

This was a pretty damned good idea.

I’ll pass due to the fact that the backstory is a bit too &quotepic&quot. That’s just my humble opinion, though, I guess others would appreciate any RP story thread.

I agree that it should have gone with something simpler than bombs, but…

&quotI’m innocent, I swear!&quot The Masked Man shouted. &quotI had nothing to do with the burglary at the ministry last night! … Wait, that’s not what your asking about? I… um cough I see…&quot

The constabulary would only stare as they mark him as a suspect.

[Gonna try to revive this as I think it’s interesting]

Ignacious, the Licentious Scholar. opts for the simplest solution to the problem at hand.

&quotExcuse me, constable, may I speak to the chief?&quot

He makes sure to flash his Antique Constable Badge as he does.
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