Iron Republic's Scattered Stalls

Hello, delicious friends! I was just minding my own business and looping through the Iron Republic, when while accidentally clicking on the Bazaar button I saw it has shops (well, only one is more or less working) in which you can buy Fuel and Supplies. Has it been here for long? Did I simply miss it during all my visits at the Republic?

Yes, though i don’t know if you can actually buy it.

Thank you, Grenem! Apparently you can’t buy anything, but it’still… well, interesting I guess!

Could this be an embryonic form of some future content? It’d be very cool if each location on the Unterzee had its own unique marketplace.

It’s an easter egg in reference to Sunless Sea. Nothing can resist the Iron Republic’s lawlessness, not even the fourth wall.

It’s a shame you can’t actually buy them- and then have them fade when you leave, and the echoes returned.