Iron Republic Safe-Conduct


In the next step of my Ambition, Nemesis, I have to go to the Iron Republic. But to go there, as you know, an Iron Republic Safe-Conduct is required. And to get that, you must have 3 Mark of Credit pages. And to get the pages, you need to grind Numismatrix qualities like Counting the Days and so forth. I’ve been increasing CtD through opportunity cards.

So I was wondering- Are there any other ways to increase Counting the Days and speed up the process?

Yes there are. Here’s a pretty thorough guide. The quick notes are:[li]

  • Have your soul
  • Have Master Thief
  • Have access to the tier-2 locations, as well as the University
  • Being Closest To the Great Game or Bohemians will help

If you meet all those requirements you can in fact simply grind Counting the Days without any cards at all.

Yes, depending on who you are closest to, a variety of options open throughout london. Its best if you’re closest to bohemians or the great game, then you don’t even need cards.

Yes, there is. Depending on your &quotclosest to&quot faction, you might be able to get all or part of the carousel from storylets in Wolfstack, FQ and University (iirc).

Thank you for the quick answers!