Iron Republic Farming?

Hello. Well I thought it was time for a holiday and wherwe better to take a holiday then a place where there are no rules? It was mentioned to me before that Grinding for money in the iron Republic can be a good thing, but I have some concerns. Namely, what actions does one take to accomplish this, and how should one dead with menacles lest they fall down dead or mad on return to London?

  1. You can’t leave the Republic due to menaces. No rules, remember.
  2. I don’t actually know.

The menaces thing is easy, as the fact that many actions set your menaces to specific values usually keeps them from getting too out of control. If you leave with too high Wounds or Nightmares, you can make a stopover at Hunter’s Keep, where autofire events will bring them back under control.

I don’t know how to make money at the Iron Republic either, though.

loop it until your changed by is really high, trade that in for Iron Republic Journals when you leave; it’s not the BEST grind but there’s no cards so I find it very soothing

This of course allows you to grind Hedonist up to 10 and Austere to 15 at the same time, if you so wish.

A while ago I attempted to map out the iron republic and came up with some hand wavey numbers on optimal paths and the value there of. You can find it here. I hope you find it useful.

That does help, but I’d like to know the best path as well and more importantly which optins to pick to get there. Right now I’m doing whatever comes to mind and that’s a bad idea.
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If I’m reading it right that information is included in a later post of that thread.