Investigating the Twelve Days of Mr. Sacks with...

So, Sacksmas approaches - my first in Fallen London, having joined at the tail-end of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. I’m looking over the options for the Twelve Days, plotting my path… and find myself wondering about the ‘fate-locked’ options. Now, I know talking about their exact contents is not allowed, but… there are a lot of paths, and you can only follow one per year. Maybe someone who knows their way around them can recommend one? And are any of them… profitable? I mean, compared to what you’d get from the non-fate-locked options on the same days? (I’m particularly looking at the ‘Seeking Wisdom’ option, investigating him with Benthic University - which would, among other things, require me to skip out on either rummaging through his Sack for vast riches, or helping him for a hefty +3 points of Connected: Masters…)

If these things cannot be discussed in open forum, a PM would also be nice.

The three 12-fate options conclude by unlocking a special prize in the Wicket and have a net gain of +2 Taste without needing to miss regular Taste-increasing options. The 8-fate stories all give Taste equal to the amount gained through the regular options on the relevant days, I believe. All stories reward a 312.5 echo item, of which only the Duchess option is unique.

Fascinating! Sounds like the Duchess is the one to go with. Does the special prizes in the Wicket cost Taste, or is that just where they’re awarded?

They consume Taste, but I think you get more than you need to spend for the reward.

Specifically the first faction-related option during the 12 days gives a large chunk of taste and buying the reward costs most of it. If one for whatever reason is unable/chooses not to get the final reward, for any of the stories, it will remain incomplete and the reward can be obtained on the next year.

Can anyone please PM me what the reward for the duchess storylet is?

Saint-arthur posted the results here; they will likely remain accurate.
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Why is it listed on the wiki as retired?

All (most) seasonal content is marked as Retired most of the year, as it’s only available for a short period of time.

What’s listed on the wiki as retired? It looks like seasonal content is marked with a specific &quotonly available during [Hallowmas/Christmas/etc.]&quot template for that season, not retired.[/quote]
I’m pretty sure that message, specifically, is retired. The event isn’t, but that message is, i’m pretty sure. well, we’ll see soon enough.

Sorry to necro an old post, but since the above replies could be useful to other people with my question…

Is there something an avowed Master supporter should be wary of when playing the Fate-locked options? I’m interested in collaborating with some other faction (outside the Revolutionaries) in the investigation, but would prefer not to accidentally end up shanking my favourite Master or something. I get that you’ll lose an option or two to increase your Connected: Masters, but as long as we’re not talking about some catastrophic loss or event, I’m game.

I mean, I think most of them have you trying to shank one Mr. Sacks or another. But there’s no decrease in connected.
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Ah. That is. Unfortunate. (And slightly hilarious.) … I guess I’ll just have to hope it’s not one of the ones I really like.

Since you’re not dealing with the Originals, I wouldn’t worry too much about it ;)

There is the very last day that can reduce your C:Masters, but it is a binary choice. An obvious one.