Investigating a threat to your Rat Companions...

I held off from starting the whole ‘Investigating the Plaster Scowl’ storyline, just to get a shot at this. A Nighttime Conference, and then working this up to 5, and then… nothing. I get a few Cryptic Clues, nowhere near worth the effort.

Is there some kind of point or benefit to this mini-carousel? You can apparently repeat it as many times as you like, raising your ‘Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns’ arbitrarily high, but to what end? Does anything actually REQUIRE high Sympathy?

I must admit, I feel a bit disappointed. I bought a Rattus Faber Bandit Chief primarily just so I could unlock this storylet. I’d expected… more, somehow. Maybe an alternate start to the Big Rat storyline, rather than just some references to it.

If you can raise Sympathy to 5 you’ll be able to easily pass a certain step in Investigating the Plaster Scowl storyline. If you don’t do this then you’ll need to pass a luck check with (I think) 10% odds of success. It’s faster to just pass the luck check in my opinion, but Sympathy isn’t totally useless.

If you’re talking about the ‘Consult with Rats you Know’ option, that only requires THREE levels of Sympathy… at least according to the Wiki. And using it gives you nothing but the progress, while grinding through the luck-check nets you a rare Rattus Faber Rifle in the bargain… not terribly valuable, but nice for collectors, since there are precious few places to get those.

So yeah, still kind of… meh. >_>

Huh, so it does. It used to require 5, but I suppose that was changed when the storyline stopped being card based. That’s nice to hear. Before you would only be able to raise your Sympathy to 4 using this storylet, and then you would have to draw cards in Watchmaker’s Hill trying to get The Departed for the final level of Sympathy. It was far more tedious back then.

The Rattus Faber Rifle can also be acquired through the Velocipede Squad if you aren’t a Union Sympathizer and haven’t closed off that cycle, so that could be a better source. But yeah, it’s faster and cheaper to just burn through the luck check (even if it is annoying) than to raise Sympathy using that storyline. I played through it on an alt to see the text, but it’s not worth buying a Bandit-Chief just for this.