Investigating a threat to my Rat companions

What’s your Dangerous? The requirement may actually be 90, from memory.

I can see this option even though I only have 1 Rattus Faber pet, Talkative, and Dangerous of 86. Perhaps a bug report?

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And - apologies, just covering the basics - you haven’t started the Plaster Face storyline?

I’m afraid so. The Investigation is evidently intended as a prelude to the Plater Face story, and must be completed before the latter is begun. It’s a bit tricky, because the Sympathetic quality which can be earned in the former is useful in the latter, but, by the time one knows one needs it, it’s much more difficult to earn.

I’m glad to see this. I was tempted to check out the plaster face storyline, as I’ll need quite a few funds for the rattus faber for the other one (320 echoes for the chief, that’d be the most expensive thing I own if I get one…)

I did wonder if I had missed a storyline or two that lead to other Rattus companions. As I ended up purchasing my Talkative one and yet obtained the funds for the others.

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I believe the only L.B. companion you can get through a storyline is the Disgraced Rattus-Faber Bandit Chief.

Hrm, I shall have to look into that, I would so enjoy another companion!

Oh dear! I seem to have missed my chance to encounter this fine fellow, I would rather like a second go at being troubled by vermin… My dear starveling would appreciate it as well I believe…

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There is another Rattus Faber one can earn at the end of the Plaster Face storyline, depending on the outcome one chooses.

Ah yes, I remember being so infuriated that starting the Plaster Face storyline, even before your rats gets involved, somehow magically means they stop having night-time conferences, that I quit the game for several months. To add insult to injury, you’re then offered the opportunity to spend money to gain credit for the storyline the game locks off without warning.

Hrm that rather sounds like we need a feedback about it if there isn’t one already. I haven’t done either storyline, it seems to do so I must pursue some 400 echoes (examines the 6 and change currently in the coin jar) so it shall be a bit.

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Heeding the advice from this thread, I saved Echoes until I could acquire the services of a Bandit-Chief before touching either of these storylines. I did the Night-Time Conference, got Sympathetic About Ratly Concerns at 2, then started the Plaster Face. But now I need Sympathetic 5 to continue without Fate or a “long shot” luck challenge? Is there any way to raise Sympathetic other than replaying Night-Time Conference before it locked (only knowing you had to via spoilers, I assume) or the rat funeral card? I haven’t seen that card in ages…

I did the “investigating a threat to my Rat companions” multiple times, but it capped at Sympathetic 4. I then waited for that rodent funeral card. I waited a very long time; I would estimate a bit over a month in fact. I had a lot of other things on my plate after all… and it did get me to Sympathetic 5. Considering that I first had to save up 400 echos for the bandit chief (I would rather have saved another 50 for the tiger, alas), this story line took considerable time and effort - time and effort rather disproportionate to its reward in my opinion. Though the reward I chose is rather adorable, and continues that Sympathetic quality… so I have hopes that the story will eventually be continued (especially as it has a tie-in to another unfinished story line.)