Investigate the Courier's paramour


I used some of the free Fate to unlocked this action from the &quot Dabble in the great game&quot storylet. But the things is it keeps appearing as a fate locked option even though I already used it.
At first I thought it was a new storylet ( great ) but I’m starting to think it’s a repeatable stats boost (not so great). Can you tell me which one it is and how to distinguish them beforehand ?

Paying Fate doesn’t unlock Fate-locked options permanently - you’re paying for that one option that one time. If the option unlocks new options it’ll usually say so. If you’re unsure about a specific option you’ve come across you can always ask here.

I’ll be more carefull next time. Thanks for your help.

I just completed this storyline within the last hour. I may have missed it on the wiki, but I don’t think it tells what’s required to complete it. Is this intentional? It’d be helpful to new players, maybe, to know exactly what numbers they need.

Fate-locked storylines are not included in the wiki.

No, but still, just general requirements like the amount of moon-pearls and Great Game connection. I didn’t find the quantities at all difficult, but the game itself isn’t that specific beyond needing Fascinating at 5. So I kept going back and forth to see if I could conclude the story or not and finding something was missing.

This option? I’ll join the others and say that most options like this is once-only. Options that unlock more usually says so, like this.