Inventory rearrangement

I’ve noticed some changes: surface currencies are now in the Contraband category, and secluded addresses in the Influence.

That makes sense, but I have to ask this: what do you think about the fact that surface currency can be bought at the Bazaar? It is said that &quotits legal status is ambiguous&quot, but we know that the Constables are likely to confiscate it whenever they find it. Ah, and the London street signs may find themselves in the same problem. Actually, even more, because we know they are outright illegal.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me. I mean, it definitely won’t decrease the Bazaar’s profit to sell contraband stuff and get it back when you’re caught with it. Also, you don’t really lose it if you’re caught with it, either.

Other change:
Infernal Contracts - Legal
edited by Aximillio on 6/22/2014

It’s also worth noting that not everything sold in the bazaar tab is sold directly by the bazaar, so there is a way for less-than-legal items to be sold by people on the down low in the bazaar’s outer shops.

slightly off-topic, I really would like to see in the inventory the possibility of ordering the equipment items of each category according to their bonus on this or that ability, sometimes it’s useful especially when you have many!