Inventories: The Rag Trade

I have been trading my inventories for everything from delicious Stolen Kisses to shiny Brilliant Souls, and what fun that has been!

With the help of my rag trade contacts, I have amassed a certain quantity of Thirsty Bombazine and Puzzle Damask.

I wish I could take some of those scraps to my tailor. I’d order myself a Puzzle Damask cravat; I feel it would give my outfits a certain eye-watering persuasiveness.

And, well, a Thirsty Bombazine corset, mmm, that might also lead to Very Interesting Evenings…

EDITED for bad spelling (what in the world is a stolen liss, anyway?)
edited by Alva St-Snow on 2/1/2012

I would be surprised if crafting items from advanced materials were not at least pencilled in for the future.

I can’t hope to design my definitive ensemble until we learn more about the properties of Parabola-Linen and Veils-Velvet… but I am already imagining the possibility of, for instance, a Thirsty Bombazine cravat fixed with a Phosphorescent Scarab-chitin pin, or some evening gloves trimmed in Whisper-Satin, which could tell one’s sweetheart secrets as you dance.

A bombazine cloak would be the perfect outfit for a spot of midnight thievery. However, I’m just happy I can get silk that didn’t come from those dreadful sorrow spiders.

It rather gives a new meaning to “cheesecloth”, don’t you think?

It rather gives a new meaning to “cheesecloth”, don’t you think?[/quote]
Sadly, spontaneous groans do not translate well into print. But be assured there was much groaning.