Intriguing Gossip

I’m looking to purchase a lot of the items in the Bazaar Sidestreets, and I need a good source for Intriguing Gossip. Is there anything better than getting Stolen Correspondence in Spite and converting it up?

Speaking of which, I was quite bemused to get four rare successes in a row when stealing said correspondence. Damn it, I need those rare successes at Hunter’s Keep!

Getting correspondence in spite is actually pretty good, since a rare success gives you a touching love story instead of one of the E’s of correspondence. Those rare successes are pretty common, tbh.

Currently doing the same thing. So many strong-backed labours needed. >.>

If you’re after Strong-Backed Labour, there’s a better way. Raise your Docks and Orient connections to 30, and you’ll soon draw a card called The Acacia and the Butterfly. Back the dockers and they’ll give you four Strong-Backed Labour and some other things. You’ll lose a lot of your Orient connections, but it can be raised back to 30 in far fewer actions than it takes to get what you need for the Bazaar Side Streets – 36 actions if you do it solely using storylets and the connection item, or significantly fewer if you’re patient enough to use opportunity cards.

Yeah, I recently used the Acacia and the Butterfly opportunity card for this purpose. It was really helpful.

Thanks for the tip. I was used to the older (lower-rep) version of the card and wasn’t paying it much attention. ^_^