Intriguer Compendium now obtainable from relicker?

With the new cap of 150, I noticed that it’s now possible to reach Shadowy 175 and obtain the Intriguer’s Compendium from the relicker IF you have the Pony from last year Christmas. Through normal play (without spending fate) the max extra Shadowy from items we can get right now is +23. So the Pony perfectly gives the last 2 Shadowy you need. For players without the Pony (like me), it seems we’re out of luck right now. The closest we can get it seems is +24 Shadowy by playing the Foreign Office Fate portion and getting the shadowy boosting companion. Now, I don’t know if among the Feast’s gifts there are those that can boost the max Shadowy further, it may change things if there are.

Well, this is my observation. Please correct me if I made a mistake(s).

That checks with my math. I recall there being a bug with the Foreign Office Fate that allowed to get multiple rewards from it, so if it was possible to get the Home Comfort and Companion that boosted Shadowy through that it might also be possible.
For the other ones, it’s easy to get Watchful 175 if you’ve got an Overgoat, Dangerous is still capped at +18, and Coruscating Souls are “easy” enough to get that I didn’t bother checking Persuasive. The Starstone Demark is no longer unique since you could’ve gotten it via Fate-locked Christmas stuff, of course.

The Tanned Mask from the Feast’s gifts gives +4 Shadowy which is sufficient to substitute for the Pony. Sadly it costs 40 fate to send/swap. Not everyone can afford it (me included).