Inspiration for characters

I was wondering whether anyone else looked to a particular person (or group of people) from history when forming their characters, though they may have broken from that mold later.

When I created Elanor, I had a very clear image of Cleo de Merode in my head (her picture is my avatar here). While she didn’t really come into her own until after 1896, she was a world-renowned dancer and may or may not have been mistress to the King of Belgium. It’s what kept me going down the Persuasive path as long as I did–and part of why Elanor is constantly writing ballets (since she can’t be a dancer herself).

With my character, he began as Sherlock Holmes, but gradually morphed into Arsene Lupin.

Hubris is inspired heavily by Grimesby Roylott from “The Adventure of the Speckled Band.”

James’ inspiration is… Fallen London itself. I started out without much personality in mind for him, decided I wanted to try the persuasive route, and soon he was molding out to be this total hedonist who tries to give everyone a good time, since sad people can be a real drag.

With my main account I didn’t start with any inspiration in particular, like Urthdigger I just picked whatever suited my fancy at the time. Neathian!Me has certainly evolved in to her own separate character over time, though. She started out as a standard persuasive character, but now I imagine her as some sort of watchful/persuasive hybrid who devotes herself to pleasure and intellectual pursuits with equal fervor … I love scholarship in real life, so I think it’s only natural that I fell in love with the Scholar of the Correspondence storyline and the university content when I finally got that far. I also accidentally put her on the path to seeking THE NAME (really, it was a total and complete accident. I hadn’t Spoilered information on it, so when the storylet said “You are now Seeking the Name of…” I about had a heart attack. So, despite that I’m not actively trying to further her travels down the accursed path, I can’t be sure what the future will hold.

Directly opposite of this is my secondary account, created solely for roleplaying purposes after I’d already been in the Neath on my main for half a year or so. I had, by this time, come up with something of a vague backstory for my main account, and suddenly was hit with inspiration regarding a love interest who descended into the Neath to ‘rescue’ her from whatever insanity it was that posessed her to give up her surface life. I almost feel sorry for him, the poor dear is just too… moral. Plus he’s having quite the d–nable time looking for her, considering he’s looking for the frail surface maiden he remembers and not a Sagatious and Breathtaking Lady such as she is now - I do believe he might have passed her on the street and not even realized… ;)

No inspiration at all, I did like Urthdigger… I started the game without knowing much and the character just came out as he came ^^ It’s not a coincidence if he maitnained traits of The Nondescript (<— link), like his composure, unobtrusive demeanor and his tendency to blend in a crowd XD

Must… resist… urge to waste four hours on TVTropes…

Following links there is dangerous.

Must… resist… urge to waste four hours on TVTropes…

Following links there is dangerous.[/quote]

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. (O. Wilde)

My characters are actually characters of mine from other stories, who I changed and shaped to the Fallen London setting.

Alerane, for example, was originally from a more medieval setting full of dark spirits and shapeshifting demons, of which she was descended. She was a spy for hire that multiple kingdoms hired because of her way of gaining information without anyone realizing she was a spy.
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My character started out without a dramatic backstory, just curiosity. I didn’t know much about the game, and thought persuasive would be the trait I’d enjoy. Once I started figuring out what the tone of each trait was like, I drifted more and more towards watchful until it was my most cherished stat, had the most engaging stories. As I went forward in the story and the choices I started to follow became defined, so did my character. Her earlier actions unfolded behind me to build who she was and what she thought she was doing. Eventually, she got her backstory, a young woman, daughter of a doctor and incredibly bright, bordering on prodigy. She didn’t know what she was looking for, but she knew that she couldn’t pursue her (scholarly) interests in a place as conventional as the surface. In a strange place and with no experience of shady or violent dealings, she started in Veilgarden, presumably thinking she was less likely to be gutted or stabbed there. Eventually she realized that honey-drunk society ladies were a poor source of scientific information, put on her big-girl boots, and headed to Ladybones Road. That’s where her story and personality really got started. My character was a bright young woman, with decent manners, a soft spot for the downtrodden, and a thirst for knowledge. She’s morphed into an older, more practical, and less honest woman, but she still seeks knowledge and she still follows her conscience. She hasn’t died and she’s rarely killed. Because she has things she won’t do, I have to choose between getting items I’d like and following the decisions she’d make.

I blend way too many. My current character includes Oscar Wilde, Arsene Lupin, and the communst from “Death on the Nile”.

Nora wasn’t inspired by anything at first (and indeed had no name for a long time, hence why my ebz profile is called TaraLyn rather than her name). Over time, she developed a distinct backstory, as did her deceased brother Lucien…not that that’s of much use outside fanfiction, really.
She’s now this obsessive sort of character who searches nonstop for Lucien’s murderer when she can, and tries to discover the Neath’s secrets whenever something keeps her from her ambition. Eventually, it was somehow decided that she wanted to be a detective, and at that point I started drawing a bit of inspiration from Sherlock Holmes in his more manic-depressive/drug-addled early stages. There’s also a bit of the stereotypical femme fatale character in her at times. I never expected her to develop so much, but here I am with what amounts to a small alternate universe outside the game itself…