Inquisitive Urchins?

Apparently urchins keep asking people questions. Questions about how they felt about Exceptional Stories and apparently now about future projects. I have never meet said urchins which is kind of surprising. Do they appear as cards from the deck or in the static story list below it? Is it possible I’ve been discarding them without realizing it? Could this have something to do with me declining to answer those first couple questions about gender and such all those years ago? If so is that something that could be undone?

None of this is an especially big deal to me but it’s been going on long enough I’m getting really curious about it.

Its because you declined the previous questions.

And no, you can’t undo that from within the game. You might be able to try though.

That makes sense. Thank you for the quick response. I may reach out to support to see if they can reset that switch.