Infiltrating the Clay Quarters at high levels

According to the wiki, there’s a story about clay men and comtessas, which is started by infiltrating the Clay Quarters. Unfortunately, this is a watchful 32 storylet, while mine is 141. Is there any way for me to start this story without liberal donning of Ridiculous Hats and drowning myself in Bottled Oblivion?[li]
Any help is much appreciated.

Currently? The only way is to decrease your stats. Maybe in the future this will change, but if you don’t want to wait you’ll need to don Ridiculous Hats repeatedly.

I don’t think so, but I’m not certain what’s the max level of that storylet. Don’t forget you have Talkative rats to help you slightly. Nevertheless, a drop of ~80 levels is pretty tough…

Hmm, how interesting, on further investigation, it seems that ladybones road, unlike the other starting areas, does allow you to play lower level storylets. More investigation is required.[li]

EDIT: And now that I’ve found the heiress, the low level storylets are no longer available. In either case, this thread can be closed.
edited by Theminimanx on 8/23/2013