Increasing Shadowy 90+?

I’m trying to do my Ambition (Light Fingers, I’m currently at some really weird Orphanage), and I realize that I could use a lot more Shadowy than I currently have.

But it seems all the common areas of Fallen London, where the shadowy quality is the most important are… a tad bit too easy. I can go on heists I guess, but that’s hardly interesting.

Is there any other way I can improve my skills? Perhaps is the exchange of Hastily Written Notes for Shadowy worth it and a good option in this case (albeit I’ll need to pester with a lot of invitations I guess)?

Best (or at any rate, most efficient) way of building up Shadowy is in the Flit: Get Casing from “Preparing for a Big Score,” and trade it in on the “Give information to a Colleague” option. It will give Connected: Criminals and some CP in Shadowy.

Remember that Criminal Connection caps out at 50 for the selling information storylet, so make sure to cash out the connection for diamonds and souls if you want to grind Shadowy for an extended period.

Lenguals and kiffers, man.

Never underestimate the benefit of a good equipment loadout.

[quote=OctaviaCrowe]Lenguals and kiffers, man.

Never underestimate the benefit of a good equipment loadout.[/quote]
personally, i skipped the intricate kiffers and went straight to poisoned umbrella (since it’s either 62.5 echoes for +3, or 400 for +7 on the kiffers, but the poisoned umbrella is 50 more echoes for +8- actually cheaper per point of shadowy than buying the improved kifers), but yeah, equipment makes a lot of difference.

The kifers have a dubious benefit during heists. But the +1 Shadowy from the Umbrella is better value if you ask me.