Increasing my bonuses to reach Dangerous 150

Dear Follow Fallen Londoners,

I find I have gathered almost all that is needed to purchase some Parabola Linen from the Coquettish Relicker, except sufficient levels of ‘dangerosity,’ if you will. I require 150.

Perhaps a boon companion can point out to me what it is I’m missing?

Base dangerous stat: 130
Hat: Semiotic Monocle: +2 dangerous
Clothing: Corsetted dress +1 dangerous (there does not seem to be more dangerous clothing to be had)
Glove: Insatiable Glove +1 dangerous (I’m grinding for the 12 carat Diamond Ring +2 dangerous but it will not be enough)
Weapon: Ratwork Derringer +4 dangerous
Boots: Vakeskin boots +4 dangerous
Pet: the inestimable Sharadini, my beloved Bengal tigress +4 dangerous
Home Comfort: Basalt Gymnasium +1 dangerous
TOTAL: 147

Should I chase away my dear Companion, the Cultured Attachée, and seek out a more dangerous companion? (is there a more dangerous Companion, even?)

Are there affiliations, clubs or transports that are dangerous as well?

Please share your kind advice! Yours in sagacity and watchfulness,
edited by Alva St-Snow on 3/5/2012

In answer to your questions, and in order:
No, no, no and no.
Your choice of Companions was from the Face, which as can be imagined, is a friendlier, more charismatic department. Had you chosen to side with the Teeth, you would have learned that they have worse manners, but can be better relied upon under hazardous conditions. However, even with the assistance of an Intriguer, you would still only have reached the dizzying heights of 148.
In short, as it currently stands it is impossible to breach the barrier of which you speak.

Ah, only a point away with a Diamond Ring…


My spreadsheet shows the best possible bonus for Dangerous is +19. It’s the lowest bonus of the four stats. Sorry, no parabola linen just yet.

Sir Dave, I salute your scholarly devotion.

Dave: How can you get +19 for Dangerous? Best I’ve done is +18

Dave: How can you get +19 for Dangerous? Best I’ve done is +18[/quote]


Semiotic Monocle or Iron Hat +2
Bloodstained suit, Gentleman’s athletic support, or Corseted Dress +1
Spiderchitin Gauntlets or Twelve-carat diamond ring for +2
Ratwork Derringer for +4
Vakeskin Boots for +4
Bengal Tiger or Rattus Faber chief for +4

Black Basalt Gymnasium: +1
Fate-locked companion ([color=#ffffff]devout intriguer[/color]) +1

Total: 19

Ah, that explains it; I made different choices in a certain Fate-locked storylet. Thanks.