Increasing Connected: the Masters above 11

Is there a repeatable way to increase the Masters of the Bazaar connected quality, if one has reached level 11 oder higher?

&quotTell him about your dreams of ice and fire&quot on,
&quotA libraryette for Mr Pages&quot and
&quotThe pleasure of your delicious company&quot on
only go up to level 11.

What about the fate-locked &quotOne Last Voyage?&quot on the The Windward Tower: the Matter of the Decommissioned Steamer?

Any other ideas besides seasonal content? Any extraordinary fate-locked ways?

I guess you can use Fate to reset certain story lines which can provide a point of Connected: The Masters at the end (e.g The Affair of the Box, Jack of Smiles…).

I haven’t tried this myself, though.

Your best bet is going to be Sackmas. having the nomen Masters come round yours gives a couple of options for a few points.
But I don’t think there is anything repeatable above 11. Those options were culled a while back for a reason.

What reason is that?

Quality bloat, a creeping malaise of communal meaninglessness.

For all its other shortcomings, Mr. Wines’ revels provide a point of Masters for 2 Fate and just a few actions – compared to resetting the Affair of the box for 10 Fate, getting 2 points of Masters, but taking many, many dozens of actions, or the Jack of Smiles Case (3 points of Masters for 20 Fate, I think).
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What reason is that?[/quote]

I have no idea. cough

What reason is that?[/quote]

I have no idea. cough[/quote]
&quotThere May be Indiscretions&quot. Nice. :-p