Incendiary Gossip. Help.

Where can I get Incendiary Gossip at one or two an action? I need just a few to make a book of hidden bodies.

If you are Acquainted with Miriam Plenty’s Past then you can chat with her about it at the Carnival. That should give you what you need. Though I’d avoid any threats or blackmail were I you.

I don’t have that. Is there any other option.

If you have a couple of her cards, playing chess with the Implacable Detective is pretty decent.

Grind Proscribed Material at Watchmaker’s Hill and convert it, it won’t take but a few actions if you only need a few (Proscribed -> Inkling -> Incendiary).

If you’re acquainted with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer, her opportunity cards are also a good source of gossip.