Incendiary Gossip and Intriguing Gossip

This has been bothering me for months now. These items have very similiar names and exactly the same picture. Does anybody else get confused?
IMHO one of them should get it’s art changed. Maybe even go as far as changing the name. One In**** Gossip in the game is quite enough. What do you think?

p.s. Is it just me, or the world no longer shifts on its axis, when you use Fate? It feels like something is missing…

If I remember correctly, both gossips used to look like , but then both of them were changed to the we know today. A bit bizarre, since there’s also , a variant that, to my knowledge, isn’t used for any item currently.

Yes. I get confused all the time. I always need to double check which is which, especially when it means the difference between “Wow, this is quite profitable!” and “Wow, this really blows!”