In Urgent Need of Making Waves

Hello, delicious friends. I may or may not be trying to acquire a vial of a certain liquid, and for that I need seven points of Notability. However, I am still one point short and Time the Healer is almost upon me, threatening to set back my efforts significantly; and to make the matters worse, the mighty and terrible RNG is refusing to cooperate and will not let me draw the cards I need.

Therefore I need your help, delicious friends - please let me know if you would be willing to accept an invitation for dinner or coffee. And if you are not yet a PoSI and find yourself in possession of a larger amount of Making Waves, I will gladly secure a table at Dante’s Grill.

Once my venture is over, successfully or as a failure, I will gladly repay your help with other social actions, such as menace reductions or gifts.

Help me, delicious friends. You are my only hope. I eagerly await your Calling Cards.

I would be happy to accept an invitation to Dante’s Grill

I’ll help, although I am (just) a POSI

Thanks a lot for the swift replies! Mr. Zane, you shall find the invitation to Dante’s in your message box. Snotra, I have sent a Calling Card, and an invitation for supper will follow. Thanks again!

Ms. Asfodella,
Think nothing of it. A gentleman always is ready to assist.

I can take a supper / Dante on my another alt with 10 MW if you still need it.

I have no evenings free, but I can drink as much coffee as you like.

Feel free to send some coffee invitations in my general directions.

I’ve only got 8 MW at the moment, but I’d be happy to donate some CP (what does that get you, around 12?) to you via Dante! Holding a couple actions (for calling card + invite) and a free evening for you, will be around for the next couple hours.

I would be up for coffee or Dante’s. I have 7 MW at the moment.

Madam Asfodella, it happened so that I have turned all my notability into the shattering force status. That being said - you are allowed to drag me anywhere, except the altar, perhaps.

i am always up for some coffee

Success! I am eternally grateful to everyone who offered their help; I couldn’t have done it without you!

Congratulations! Now, would you need/want a kickstart to start getting your Notability back? I happen to be holding the Amanuensis card…

Thank you for the offer, but I will be spending the summer Notability-less; I won’t be playing regularly, and maintaining enough Making Waves is a hassle.

[quote=Asfodella]Success! I am eternally grateful to everyone who offered their help; I couldn’t have done it without you!