In search of suspicion

My second character found herself in a somewhat tedious endeavour of getting to jail. She’s awfully lucky (or unlucky) to pass even very difficult shadowy challenges… So if you have excess of suspicion, please dump it her way, she’ll be extremely grateful.
Profile link - Serine

A quick and easy way to raise Suspicion is to go to thePickpockets’ Promenade and immediately fail on purpose.

Note that the higher you Suspicion is going in, the more you’ll get by getting caught.

In addition to what dov suggested, here’s another method that can be quite profitable as well. Go to the Forgotten Quarter and choose “Reaping the Academic Benefits -> A public lecture” (note that you need Scholar of the Correspondence to do this). You’ll get lots of Bohemian, Society and Revolutionaries Connected while doing this!

Thanks, dov, that worked like a charm!

Sadly, that lady doesn’t know anything about correspondence yet, so no profit for her :)

I’ll send you suspicion

[quote=rosetyleri]I’ll send you suspicion[/quote]
It appears that the profile link (both in this links and in your forum signature) is incorrect. On the ‘Myself’ tab, click on View Profile on the left side. That should open a new window in your browser with a link that looks more like (replacing Kittenpox with whatever your own character name is, with ~ instead of spaces.)
I suspect yours is :-)

(Love the name, btw.)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Rose Tyler, I…

PS:- I suspect that Valiant has already reached their required amount of Suspicion by now - though if you have Nightmares to send my way, feel free to do so. :-)
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