In search of Chess

Hello, dear citizens of Fallen London.

This Lynx desperately in need of some extensive chess training (something along the lines of 100 parties per one, today/tomorrow day). I will be very grateful to those who will share his/her time with me by the black-and-white decisions…

I’m willing to help you out in your little scenario.

I accept everything. (assuming I’m in the required place/have the stats etc)
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I’m in the middle of serious watchful grinding too. Send all the requests you want (and I’ll send you a lot too).

Hello! I suppose this is my introductory post, so cheers. I will gladly accept and reciprocate. Raising Watchful is quite useful.

Soran could use some Watchful training as well (they’re so close to becoming an Extraordinary Mind, I can practically taste it). They’ll be more than happy to play chess as many times as it takes to become super-geniuses.

I would welcome some chess, throw me into the mix, also, please.

I am also more than willing to play a few games.

Both of my characters are fond of Chess. I check DragonRidingSorceress more often than Seeker of Names.

Many thanks to all who replied! Now in the morning invites had been sent, let’s see (the name).

Thanks indeed. That was long ride to glory! )