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It’s what Sackmas is all about really.

Merry Sackmas!

I told Gul that I’d keep them in mind if I needed another player, but right now, the 9 of you are enough for me to handle. Any more and I’m not sure I could cope.

Good that we’re on for the 27th! Hope your introductory scenes are going well :)

Now then, about the heist. Here’s a tentative plan, so let me know what you think!

  • Meet at Jen’s townhouse in the West End the night before.[/li][li]In the morning, head to the Labyrinth of Tigers to rob the Bazaar’s Emporium. Release the people in the Third Coil while we’re at it. We’re not stealing the animals, since Araminta objects to that.[/li][li]Go to the Shuttered Palace together. Pop by the Cellars to persuade Alfred to help us if we anger his sister. Rob the VPC and the couple while the wedding is going on.[/li][li]Split into two groups. One, with Jen, stays in the Palace to rob the Duchess. The other group heads to Ladybones Road to rob the Brass Embassy. This seems like the best way to get around everyone’s personal issues with robbing them.[/li][li]Meet at the Ministry of Public Decency to rob that. I headcanon that it’s at Ladybones Road.[/li][li]Head to Concord Square to steal from the police.[/li][li]Go to Wilmot’s End to steal from the Foreign Office. Be careful of Snuffers.[/li][li]Head to Veilgarden. IRL this is a fashionable neighborhood. I headcanon that it would be a popular residence. Slowcake’s Amanuensis will be robbed here.[/li][li]Go to the Flit. Distribute some of our loot among the Urchins and the Topsy Man in exchange for their assistance and not selling us out, and also because it’s a nice thing to do.[/li][li]Steal from the Shroud at Mahogany Hall. Those who object may pop by Mrs Plenty’s to steal her mirrors.[/li][li]Meet at Watchmaker’s Hill to steal from the Cheery Man and bring down his criminal empire.[/li][li]Head to the Docks to rob the Gracious Widow and sabotage her criminal empire too.[/li][li]Go to Doubt Street at Spite to gather blackmail material and information from the newspapers.[/li][li]Back to Veilgarden! This time, we rob February. I got myself Lost in Reflections as a Christmas present and I now have a strong desire to steal from that cold-hearted female. Distribute some of our ill-gotten gains around the Bohemians to help them with their career.[/li][li]Head to the University to rob Sommerset.[/li][li]Return to Jen’s townhouse to count the loot and celebrate.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: In case you guys are wondering, I decided not to directly target the Bazaar or the Masters. We’re skipping the Royal Bethlehem as well. It seems a little silly to upset all the powers in the Neath. While I don’t particularly relish the thought of stealing from Mr Pages – Jen is high up on his Reliables list, and he’s always been very kind to her – the Ministry is interesting, and another thought – what if he asked one of his favourite Reliables to investigate the heist she masterminded? As for Orthos and Virginia, I really don’t know enough about them to write a heist…
edited by Lady Jen Black on 12/25/2017
edited by Lady Jen Black on 12/25/2017

This sounds like an overly ambitious plan which will get us in way over our heads. I like it!

If I keep the Black Wings Drunk aspect, that gives Lee an extra motive to rob February: to replenish her supply of Masters’ Blood.

How long we want the intros to be? Like a short fic? Caroline will be on team Embassy not Dutchess, and presumably Mrs. Plenty, though that is a scary concept.

[quote=Aberrant Eremite]This sounds like an overly ambitious plan which will get us in way over our heads. I like it!

If I keep the Black Wings Drunk aspect, that gives Lee an extra motive to rob February: to replenish her supply of Masters’ Blood.[/quote]

Thank you! And I find the idea of the Black Wings altering Lee’s body absolutely fascinating!

A short fic is good! And yes, whoever doesn’t want to target the Shroud will go after the Mirrors – I’ve always been fascinated by them, and I imagine they have a lot of potential for Parabola-related stories. They clearly have something to do with the Fingerkings…

And I forgot to ask you guys – please indicate which team you want to be on when we split up for heists!

I think my intro scene is going to be a couple thousand words. Should I use past or present tense?

Lee would prefer to be on Lady Karnstein’s team, since that’s the only person she knew before the heist. However, she prides herself on being a professional and is willing to go where she’s needed.

Mr. Glamore’s primary affiliation is while on a job is to his current employer, so unless instructed to go elsewhere he’d be liable to go after the same target as Jen when the splitting the group occurs.

I’ll be on the Duchess team, then the mirrors. Thank you for including Summerset, don’t feel you have to if no one else is particularly enthusiastic.

Jesus, that long? I really better get a move on, then. ;) But, yeah good point, past or present?

I’ll be writing mine in third person present! But if you’re more used to past tense, that’s okay too. I don’t want to make this difficult for anyone. If it’s okay with you guys, I’d like the whole RP to be in 3rd person present?

It’ll be at least a thousand words, I think – I’m still working on it.
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I could go both ways, but I guess if I had to choose I’d go for the Brass Embassy heist. It’s been too long since I’ve given them a proper shakedown.

Someone asked me about writing the intro, and I realized I haven’t been very clear about explaining it, so I’m reposting my reply here to share it with you guys!

The purpose of the intro is to showcase your character’s skills and personality. Think of it as a narrative version of the skills list you wrote in your character bio. Tell us about them. What is their personality? Who do they normally hang around? What’s their job? What talents do they have? Establish a normal day for them before their world is changed by the adventure they embark on.

More specifically for this story, I’d appreciate it if you ended the scene with them being approached by Jen. She’ll simply say that she has a business proposition for them. That way, once all the introductions are done, I’ll cut to a scene showing the PCs gathered at her townhouse, listening to her job offer.

If you’re looking for further guidance, try TvTropes’ Establishing Character Moment , or this writing website that explains how to introduce your character.

Hope that helps!

You all have great reasons…


She’s just in it for teh lulz.

We gonna post the IC stuff here? If so, I should probably get out my OOC markers.

((That’s better.))

((I waffle between preferring past and present, but I’ve no serious issues with either. Currently I tend to write past, since that’s what most of my rps are in. I apologize in advance for mistakes while trying to shift modes.

I’m pretty good with the plan, only Nikki wants to hit Plenty AND Mahogany…she’ll probably end up with Mahogany. She has a feeling stealing mirrors won’t end well.

Nikki would like to team with a few different people…but she’s flexible. Mike’s the only one she has strong ties to so far, and she hopes he’s not still mortified over that one incident…then again, it looks like he and his girlfriend are doing well, so he’s probably fine.

Personally I want to write with ALL OF YOU but we’ll see how it goes. In terms of targets, Nikki prefers the Embassy to the Duchess – not that the Duchess doesn’t have nice things to steal, but she really does like the cats. And the Duchess. Well, the Duchess is okay? She’ll go for Mahogany Hall, not the Carnival – but she’s robbing BOTH sides of the War of Illusion, and probably framing the other side for both of them. She thinks that will be amusing. She may have a spare Phantom outfit for the occasion. Just in case, y’know?

I figured that Pages is associated with the Ministry, but y’know, whatever works. I have a few ideas for there that I’m letting stew. And a few for the Flit – I do a lot with my FL chars and the Flit, at least in my head. I’ve played with ideas for the university, but Alys has her office at Benthic, because Summerset is a bunch of stuffed shirts. Or it will be, when she gets that far. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey~ ^.^;;

By the way, I know Alys isn’t around to disapprove, but not all of those humans in the Labyrinth are still human.

And what is the stance on Companions and various pets?))

Ah, no hard feelings, Nikki! In fact, Mike really likes your idea of robbing both sides and framing the other. Any worthwhile secrets will be published in the next edition of his newspaper, if he can get away with it. I get the feeling some characters won’t necessarily want the truh behind their faction(s) coming out. And that’s awesome! I love to rp rivalries :D

That being said, he doesn’t mind joining any team with spare places. He only cares about learning the truth behind each target’s circumstances, whether directly or by piecing things together.

Re: OOC markers – this thread is only for the OOC discussions! I’ll start another thread for the IC RP on the 27th.

The RP thread is up! Sorry for the slight delay. See it here . Can’t wait to meet your characters!

Oh, and do let me know what you think of Jen over here in the OOC side!

I’m going to start reading the RP, but before, for the teams : Duchess, and the Shroud!

I am always interested in what people make of Caroline, but in the meantime…

I enjoyed Lady Black. A very complete introduction. Gave us a good insight into who she is and how she works. Strong writing.

Anactoria and Viric were more mysterious, but again there were interesting glimpses.

Overall, good so far. I will reread those and the new ones when settled in this evening.

Okay, Telemachia Lee’s intro is posted.

These are great! With Jen Black and Lady Karnstein both, I’m quite curious about the moral ambiguity we see. Is Jen soft-hearted towards the Urchins and kidding herself about it? Just how predatory is Lady Karnstein? I’m not asking for an answer, mind you, just letting you know that I’m enjoying wondering.