In Quiet Contemplation: A question on MR.EATEN

I’ve noticed a special quality that certain Eaten members seem to have. That they are FASTING AND CONTEMPLATING or something like that. I think Alex Field got it. I want it now. I must find the name.[li]

Ah, well…how to put this…

It’s a very messy story? Check the stickied Mr. Eaten thread.

That quality came from Winking Isle. However, SMEN is currently on indefinite hiatus pending further review. See:


SMEN is currently on hiatus, so you can’t.

The short answer is that it was from accepting Mr Eaten’s calling card and going to a place called Winking Isle; what happened there before all the unpleasantness is in this tumblr post from Alexander Feld; what went wrong in a technical sense is in NiteBrite’s post here (note: you may have to highlight some areas to read); and the upshot is that the high feelings following these caused Alexis to put the story on hold, because it’s a personal project that was taking up company time because of said high feelings, see Alexis’s posts here and here.

Edit: here is the official word from FBG on what’s going to happen: Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name: What Went Wrong, What Came After.

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