Improperly locked option on An Afternoon?

Having finally built my Spending Secrets up to four, I have been taking advantage of the new options on the menace-removing cards. However, in An Afternoon of Good deeds, when I most recently went to Make Sure it was noticed, I found the option locked. My subtle is certainly high enough and I’ve been spending enough secrets. It doesn’t say why it is locked. Could I be counting the days too much to focus so much on being noticed, or is it a trivial bug?

There are tiers of counting the days. 4, 6, 10, 14, or something like that. Once you pass a tier, you can’t do the stuff in the previous tier.

I believe similar issues have been discussed in the New Numismatric thread, I recommend submitting a bug to [mod edited email address]

edited by Alexis Kennedy on 4/15/2012

Ah, so I have to bring it all the way up and reset it before I can use that option again?

Yep. A lot of the recently added options have invisible requirements (a maximum quantity, often) or claim to require a “aligned with:” a particular group quality but don’t actually require the one they claim.

This doesn’t entirely address the problem though - the equivalent option on A Restorative is locked even when I exactly and only meet its requirements (submitted a bug report to FB about this a week or two ago).