Impossible to buy Nex

Wanted to get me some Nex, but is seems impossible for days. No ad blockers or whatnot.
I figured FBG lives off those, so I’d expect that to be the one feature that must never be broken. Thus, I had to check with others here if it is indeed inaccessible.

I just bought some with PayPal and an instant bank transfer. I am waiting for the award, and I don’t anticipate any problem.[li]

ETA: ANNNNNND it just came through. So, no no problem here.
edited by Joy Phillip on 7/4/2013

You may have been blacklisted from the payment processor that they sell Nex through (SuperRewards). That was the case with me a while back. Try sending in a support ticket and Failbetter should be able to clear up any problems with SuperRewards, if that’s what’s wrong. It shouldn’t take that long, either. Failbetter’s support tickets tend to be answered promptly when there’s money on the line.

I don’t know if this will help you, but when I check into Fallen Londons from my work PC I am forced to use an older version of IE which doesn’t load the superrewards content. At home where I can obviously use more current browsers, it loads without trouble.

Maybe try using Firefox or Chrome, if you haven’t already?[li]
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I had the same problem, send in a bug report and they’ll fix it for ya. Pretty quickly too.

Thanks everyone for pitching in.
Got blacklisted for some arcane reason.