Impossible! (gates of the garden)

got that opportunity card while waiting for the dilmun club to get in touch with me, and one of the ‘options’ specifically said I needed Impossible! 1. Now while the tooltip made it clear that getting Impossible! was exactly what it says on the tin, I find myself wishing I could all the same.

I haven’t seen that one yet, though I am madly excited for the new Dilmun Club content. How did you get in touch with them? Who did you ally yourself with?

I assume this will be an option that will be written later. Or something truly surreal will happen. It’s hard to tell with this game.

my current dilmun sponsor is the Bishop of Saint Fiacre, as I have a fondness for collecting Bizarre items. Only took me 2 tries to get him to agree to admit me

Fascinating! I opted for the patronage of the Implacable Detective, to begin with. Might I read your journal, if you recorded your experiences?

sadly, I never got into the habit of echoing my stories. though I suppose I can make the attempt to change that

Ah! No matter - my hunger for knowledge exceeds even my hunger for delicious buns, but there is no impetus for anyone else to feed me either.

Wait, sponsor? I thought that it ended at assosciating with radical academics 3? How do I proceed?

As the title implies, build your Gates of the Garden and wait for the card. A good relationship with His Amused Lordship can help too.

Ive got 10 Gates…how many do I need? is the card location specific?

I think I got it in my Lodging, but I’m not sure. Still waiting on getting a patron, though I noticed that to get the partonship of His Amused Lordship, you have to have Gates 15 0.0

Yeah, the Bishop is much easier if you can get your Bizarre up. I knew that Clay Sedan Chair would pay off some day.

Gah, it appears that the current content ends after the dilmun club gets back in touch. guess I’ll have to wait until the Elder Continent opens up from the looks of it

…Which, of course, implies that we might be able to get Charts of the Carnelian Coast in the not-so-distant future. Exciting.

Oooooo, I’m liking the idea of getting to visit the Elder Continent :)

I wonder if that will continue the story at the Foreign Office. Will we obtain Governorship? Will we learn about the Snuffers and Presbyter? Will I stop asking (mostly) rhetorical questions?

The last on is a definite no, but I do hope that the first two are true.

How long is the wait for them to get back to you? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth delaying my next Zee-voyage.

With Gates of the Garden any good ways to grind the quality?

It is, in fact, one of the easier “mystery” qualities to raise. Anything that deals with death and resurrection in the Neath will raise it, the most obvious being returning to life yourself (Most options on the boat raise Gates of the Garden). There’s a number of other storylets throughout the game where you have an opportunity to observe death and rebirth, one big example being the Theological Husbandry storyline.

How peculiar! I chose His Amused Lordship instead. The outcome is in my journal, though it was quite a while ago.