Implications of Events At Hunter's Keep on FL?

so, this question obviously deals in some pretty spoilery stuff. If for some reason you’ve been avoiding visiting Hunter’s Keep, watch out.

After a few visits to the Sisters, some bad stuff goes down. Any way you go about it, the house burns down - though if your Mirrors and Veils are high enough you can save one of the Sisters.

This is… pretty heavy. Does this mean that when the game comes out there’ll be a change to the relevant storylette in Fallen London? If you link you account from FL to Sunless Sea, will your previous actions on the island, and with the Sisters, be taken into account?

And finally, it seems the new companion you can possibly get from the seemingly most optimal conclusion has no &quotdialogue box&quot - though the option to speak to her exists if I right click her profile, nothing pops up when I choose it, and so I cannot use her to upgrade my stats. Is this a bug, or simply a feature that has not yet been implemented?

I assume if the sister you save has a story, it’s yet to be implemented. I would expect some kind of conversation to be possible eventually, even if it’s obscure and inconclusive.

About the wider implications for Fallen London: if you die with Hunter’s Keep burned down and begin a legacy character, the sisters are back and the house is fine, so possibly some kind of…cycle is involved.

What I want to know is what would happen if the legacy you send on to your successor is the Sister you rescue from Hunter’s Keep?

Last night, I died with Hunter’s Keep burned down, started a legacy character with the legacy being a chart, and Hunter’s Keep was still burned dow and empty for the new character.