I'm what?

[quote]You’ve lost 1 x Dark-dewed Cherries (new total 0).
A twist in your tale! You are now The Gates of the Garden.[/quote]

Has anyone else gotten this? I won a wager with one of the Relickers, got the cherries as a prize, and ate them to reduce my wounds. What in the world does this mean?

Its one of the qualities gained by the Connected Pets (I believe). The announcement earlier today said that the qualities would come into play more

Merely an unfortunate wording, I presume. Unless it’s meant to be a clue. It’s hard to tell, sometimes.

I’d wondered about the wording. When I played through the Dreams of Other Places storylet, I chose the mirror and became “Fingerwork”. This has the same sort of odd phrasing, to me.

The problem is that usually, story qualities take the form of adjectives, so the “You are now X” wording makes sense. These four qualities are nouns, though, which is the cause of the odd phrasing.

The phrasing’s based on the quality category in your Myself tab. Most of the other Story tabs are adjective/gerund form, so something like “You are now the Protege of a Mysterious Benefactor” makes more sense.
Makes me wonder if those qualities are going to get a new category.

Speaking of weird phrasing, “A twist in your tale! You are now Polythreme Ho!” made me wonder whether my character would now have to wear living crimson stockings…

I hesitate to post this, but my first thought upon reading your observation was to be grateful that we are visiting Polythreme in a time before the availability of certain silicon enhancement options.

Polythreme Ho. Oh dear. Speaking of new qualities, I was just visiting Clathermont’s and eavesdropping on his daughters when I got this one.

I’ve acquired quite a few points in Falling Cities through traveling to Polythreme. And just now, I’ve gone from 1 to 3 in The Gates of the Garden through submerging my zubmarine.

Curiouser and curiouser. I suppose the best way to find out what’s going on with all of these is simply to play through. I’m looking forward to learning more, regardless~

my gates of the garden quality unlocked an opportunity card that in turn opened a series of storylets that ‘ended’ with[color=rgb(255, 255, 204)] a new item for my weapon slot[/color] and ‘all manner of things will be well’ message meaning I have to wait a few days before I can offer any more spoilers.

Interestingly, it seems you can increase Falling Cities while in a State of Some Confusion.

New names have resolved our grammatical and syntactical woes! These qualities, I have just noticed, are now “Walking the Falling Cities”, “Approaching the Gates of the Garden”, and “Touched by Fingerwork”

Not to mention “Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus”.

Ooh, I haven’t encountered that one…

I haven’t gotten the Eyes of Icarus since I first obtained the quality. Maybe I’m just not in the right areas, since I’m going between the Forgotten Quarter and the University at the moment.

But I’m glad to see they’ve reworded the qualities. They make much more sense now, and yet seem even more mysterious.

Eyes of Icarus seems to be the hardest to acquire/raise.

I got a bump to Eyes of Icarus on Hunter’s Keep, apparently as a bonus to acquiring a Searing Enigma from the well. Not an outcome I’d count on if you’re looking to raise it, especially as I picked up five Enigmas and got only the one bump so far as I’m aware, but it’s there.

Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus seems to go up if you talk to Lucy at Hunter’s keep (from what I’ve seen, anyway. Don’t know if you get it when doing the dramatic tension option, as I just got back to the keep). It’s just in the first part of the cycle; finding out more of her story doesn’t raise it. One pass got mine up to 4.