I'm just a bit lost. Lend a Teddy a hand?

So… New to Fallen London but I’m little bit confused because I thought I had this figured out but…

Um. So doing the Jack of Smiles life story and I’m collecting information and all, and it does seem to be an easy way to grind up the watchful and persuasive stats but I’ve already collected the requisite six inspiration and I don’t seem to be done with the book?

Sorry just haven’t the foggiest what I’m missing ya know?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ah, wow. Check Ladybones Road if there’s any information there? But the other likely thing is that you’re headed elsewhere in the Neath…

If i remember correctly there should be a storylet called Literary Ambitions in Veilgarden that lets you conclude the story.

Welcome to Fallen London by the way. May you endeavors be proliferant and your hunger never grow too great.