I'm going to miss the Advent Calendar :-(

It was awesome having something to look forward to each morning!

But all things must come to an end… right? ;-)

Merry Sacksmas all!!

:cheers: :buddies:

Couldn’t agree more! Cheers! :doh: :beer:

Me too. Ah, the delightful thrill of checking it at work every day at 1 p.m and hoping that my boss wouldn’t come at that time… Fallen London is indeed a dangerous hobby. And no, I couldn’t just wait until I got home, I needed to know immediately what the daily gift was !

Anyway, Merry Sacksmas to all the delicious friends !

i wonder if someone could make a full-color wallpaper version of it???

I’ll always appreciate that irrigo removal the feast offers. it’s a shame i didn’t hold onto last year’s until i unlocked the nadir.
Well, I won’t waste the chance to get more tears this time!

Indeed! A Merry Sacksmas, to one and all =)