I'm at Mahogany, should i farm gear??

any Thoughts?

Money only comes easier later, so I’d suggest not wasting your actions on grinding it and instead just go through the stories and get your stats up.

If you’ve got spare cash then it’s fine to spend it on some of the best in slot gear, like the ratskin suit or the masterwork dancing slippers. You can see all the items in the game ranked by stat up on the wiki, such as http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Persuasive_Items

I say, go for it, if you can get a reliable success rate on the Louche Devil options. Go for the Persuasive ones so you also grind the stat a bit while grinding money.

The MH grind is actually pretty good considering it’s just mindless clicking, as opposed to something like Affair of the Box where a misclick can end up with you gaining tons of Turncoat.

I agree with Kaijyuu, grinding at MH is rather inefficient, especially since most gear worth investing in is significantly expensive. if you really want to grind, I’d recommend going for some particularly useful options like working towards four-card lodgings. Generally, before you become a POSI, it is more sensible to improve your stats by playing stories.

I’m with Achanei here – think of levelling up your stats to gain access to the seriously worthwhile grinding options.

Becoming a person of some importance unlocks some of the best grinding options in the game: the &quotunfinished business in _____&quot (correct me if I’m wrong on that)

Your persuasive is great. However, your dangerous is truly terrible. In order to become a person of some importance ALL 4 stats must be over 100, including buffs. So you should really work on the other 3, dangerous in particular. Note that most of the decent (but not max) items give you a rough +25 total to that particular stat.

So even if you grind and get even the best gear for each slot, for each stat (completely unreasonable at the point you’re at in the game), you’ll still only be at 75 or 80 for the two weaker stats. I think you should seriously focus on playing the &quotmaking your name&quot for the other 3 stats, at least to where the weaker stats are at roughly 75. That way you can buy the stat items, and jump to POSI status.

Remember, the best people in life are well rounded. This goes for fallen london as well.
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edited by Chrona on 2/28/2018