Illegitimately Royal

So, I’m not sure where this falls under discussion of fate-locked content, but, I’ve always been very intrigued by the illegitimately royal option for joining the House of Chimes, and totally selected it. What I’m most curious about is if we’re going to get to see any expansion on this content. Will we find out just how royal our character is? Determine what our character’s history with the Royal Family is? Confront/reconnect with that family? Do something with that claim to power we may or may not have? I’m curious, who else is interested in this content?

Fate-locked content within Fate-locked content! But, yeah, Hubris took that option. The only tie-in I’ve seen is an extra option in the Bazaar sidestreets for going from POSI 1 to 2.

As a minor hijack oif this thread, is there content in the House of Chimes of interest to those not yet POSI, or is it 99% latter-game material?

As far as I recall none of the Chimes content requires PoSI at all, barring possibly some of the entry options, which are pure flavour anyway.

I decided to take the plunge and become an Exceptional Friend on your advice. This character is a royal bastard, albeit of a different lineage than the Traitor Empress, so the Illegitimately Royal option was too promising to miss!

As it turns out, there are a few choices that require POSi to select. Presumably ones that are of little interest and use to non-POSI anyways…

Makes you wonder whether the Jacobite cause breathes fresh air in the Neath, given that, you know, no Stuart claimant is known to have sold London to the Bazaar.

But the claim has passed to house Wittelsbach…a Bavarian on the British throne? Frankly, I’d prefer a Rubbery Emperor.

I’m hoping we see some more Chimes content at some point too, I thoroughly enjoyed the options related to arachnids, and I’m sad I haven’t seen a continuation of that. (I picked “A Speaker of Truth to Power” as my entrance, but I suspect I would pick differently now.)

I just hope that this ends up being something bigger than it is right now. It opens up a ton of amazing possibilities.