If you'd been able to back higher...

So as we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees (hence the reason for a kickstarter, after all) and I suspect there’s a decent number of us who’d have loved to back higher. If you could have backed at any of the tiers that would have gotten content put in the game based on you or per your descriptions, etc., what would you have gone for?

I’d have loved to be able to appear as the Incorrigible Raconteur, a Hearts/Pages cook.

I would’ve wanted to be… the Evil Midnight Lurker, a gunner with a taste for high explosives. SURF’S UP SPACE PONIES, I’M MAKIN’ GRAVY WITHOUT THE LUMPS!!!

I would have liked to be a Pensive Zee-Bat Mascot upping Pages and Mirrors.

I think that being an Acrobatic officer of some kind, with a plus to Veils. Or at least have some sort of geography named for me.

An object at rest cannot be stopped!
-1 Secret +1 Iron

I dare say the Esotericist would have made a fine first officer for an archaeological or scientific expedition - +6 Pages, +3 Mirrors, perhaps?

The Smiling Assassin, most likely. An individual encountered within London who may be hired as an officer (boosting Veils +6 and Iron +3), but who will often ask to return to London to “check on something.” He is involved with an organization within Fallen London’s underground, but is plagued by nightmares about darkness and a certain kind of gleeful laughter, which he himself engages in quite frequently. Occasionally, he will take to the deck to rant on the attractive qualities of blood, and of lost memories that were never his–but he will also occasionally provide the captain with free supplies and echoes after his trips back into London, and his rantings will be infrequent if the Captain indulges him on a regular basis.

Perhaps that was too much, but I felt like writing it down; if it was, I apologize.

Ciel would be a Cook with a bonus to pages and hearts. She knows more than she should and telling her secrets will always get something in return … so she is that elusive page boosting officer :). She also uses a brew of Honey and Mushroom Wine to give you restful dreams.
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