If you lose your soul, can you get it back?

I haven’t lost it, but there are cards where it looks like I might. I just want to know if it’s reversible.

You can definitely get your soul back. It isn’t a simple matter - you either have to spend Fate (15) or get lucky with one of the options that provide the correct range of Bundle of Oddities values - but it is definitely something you can do.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 4/29/2014

Thanks. I’m less worried now.

If you’re fond of it, I recommend keeping it safe. There are ways to get it back, as Sara Hysaro mentioned, but the bundles which return it are extremely rare. Even if you choose to spend Fate, you’ll have to go through a long and tedious hunt to retrieve it–though at least your victory will be guaranteed, eventually.[/li][li]
edited by Snowskeeper on 4/29/2014

Losing your soul isn’t so bad. It’s rather nice not having to worry about it anymore. I’ve looked at what it would take to get it back and…well, I should have another cup of tea.[li]

Only sell it if the price is worth it, for example, 312 echos, or a unique item.

Speaking of fate soul restoration, I never encountered the card to start it during my 1 souless month, I think that’s also not a very reliable option.[li]
edited by Lumyire on 4/30/2014

Not only can it be reversed, but it can be sold again. And probably also reversed again, but I have stopped there. So far…

Also, you will be &quotKnown for Metaphysical Caprice&quot, which must be one of the the coolest character traits you can get!