If you could request any story?

A few folks have pledged enough in kick starters to get this rarest of rare content.

If you could ask for anything, put it anywhere, with any unlock requirement, what story would you like to see?

Me, I’d put it in doubt street.

The ultimate betrayal.

You use your newspaper to publish enough about SEEKING in order to madden many many people at once.

Have it require 11 in each of the specialty newspaper ranks, and just the right amount of seeking.

[quote=Ben ]A few folks have pledged enough in kick starters to get this rarest of rare content.

If you could ask for anything, put it anywhere, with any unlock requirement, what story would you like to see?[/quote]
Rain in the Neath.
Think of rain’s power. It washes away, cleanses, restores, enlightens. As a dedicated lover of rain it makes me said to think that they probably don’t have it, despite recurring dreams of it.
I think the whole of London’s wretchedness would be just a little bit better for a single day of rain.

Fallen London does actually get some rain! Sort of. It’s mostly condensation and the occasional downpour caused by subterranean water leaking through the roof. But we call it rain.

Well, if I might avoid sounding to reverent to any Gods of the Zee, I mean a proper storm. Something new, fresh. Rain needs to wash away and make clean, and the paltry rains of the Neath can’t quite manage that.

I’d like a story about the great cartographer M. Demeaux and his journeys across the Unterzee before the fall.
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I hadn’t thought about it until I saw this thread, but the EF stories have done a marvelous job of filling in the gaps. Neglected factions, snuffers, personages and even biological Domains have all been having their day (or perhaps their month). Up until recently, I might have said the orphans deserve a go, or perhaps Salt. But in the last week or two there’s been a new orphan story announced/released and a new wing of seeking relating to Salt.

Almost everything I thought of (off the top of my head anyway) has been explored recently. Good job FBG!

A storylet to torment Mr Veils, open for everyone including new players and people who don’t have a specific ambition and you would have to spend at least 20 actions here before it dies.

More Rattus Faber.
More The Last Constable.

That is all! :)

The Gracious Widow, pretty please! Eli has to size up his competition! As an alternative to that, a Story where you are trapped on an island with a bunch of hunters and you need to escape. There is a movie like that… Sort of Hunger Games without the child murder. I wish I could remember what it was called… But yes, that would be cool.

Honestly, I’d probably just make them finish the ambitions. They’re getting close. I really wish they’d finish them off.

Failing that though, probably something to do with Storm. He/She/It got referenced briefly recently, but I’d like to see some more explicit lore. Maybe a journey to the roof, or something hinting at why people go all stormy-eyed.

A great literary war in which Mr Pages conspires to get the Tiger Keeper fired for writing the FL equivalent of My Immortal. Incidentally, Mr Iron is a fan of said literature.

If we’re talking about dream unlock requirements, I’ve always wanted to see a story that unlocks when you have 1. one of the PoSI specilizations (Extraordinary Mind, Shattering Force, Legendary Charisma, Invisible Eminence) 2. 0 Dangerous 3. 0 Watchful 4. 0 Shadowy 5. 0 Persuasive. It would challenge all four stats and require you to have no second chances. On success or failure it removes your PoSI Specialization and PoSI status, sets notability to 0, and gives a massive hit to all your favors and renown. On success you gain 1 change point (cp) of progress in the Cultist of Oblivion quality.

Having lost the status, you would then need to regrind your way back up to the specialization again, and even have to go through the PoSI tutorial about building a velocipede each time. You need to level the quality to 7 to progress and join the cult. This means you end up having like +28 velocipedes by the time you can join and thats if you don’t fail the luck challenges once. If you overshoot and pass quality level 7, you aren’t allowed to join either. The story would have a reset that lets you blank your progress back to 0 in exchange for paying a single rat (i.e. minimum unlock is to have 1 rat, but it sets rats to 0 on resolution).

Upon successfully joining the cult, you would be given the old/original Bottled Oblivion item which was a weapon slot item that gave like -5 to all stats. Never forget, or always forget, whichever applies the most haha :-)

Edit: The luck check might be a bit much. I’ll relent on that part seeing as it would take about 9 years worth of actions to complete this quest, and that’s assuming constant optimal grinding.
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I’d like a story like Prof. Sketch’s, only about Storm instead.
And leave it to Nitebrite to come up with an insane story idea that can destroy you in ways that even seeking doesn’t that would take ages and require luck checks for a negative outcome. Well done lol.
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Isn’t that Sunless Sea?

Things I would like for my character to be able to do:

  • Degenerate high society intrigue
  • A visit to Irem
  • Direct interaction with the Fingerkings

I think nearly all of the veterans of Fallen London have mountains of items. I like to imagine that our unused Lodgings are merely stockrooms.

And while the idea of ridding your inventory of goods on the Winking Isle was interesting, I wouldn’t mind a story where dumping hundreds of thousands of something gave you a unique item.

Until then, I’ll keep hoarding everything I can get my hands on, just in case.

Probably make permanent London settlements for the “Favour” factions such as the Rubbery Men, Docks, Criminals etc. Making one such “strongholds” require lots of Connection and Materials but will give the player a menace-free, cheap and non-opportunity deck based way for grinding said favours.

The story of the foxes’ return to the city.

The story of the day-to-day life of Devils.
Like, we know what they do (if by ‘do’ the answer is take souls), but I’d still like to learn more about their motivations beyond the job description.

Having soullessness as a pre-requisite (so that they stop looking at you like their next meal) wouldn’t be a bad idea, even.

(I do understand that, by extension, that requirement would make it Fate-locked. But it seemed the most thematically appropriate requirement that I could think of.)