If you could give a Present...

If you could give ANY in game present to a random Londoner, what would you give them and why?

The only ruling is you must own it. It cannot be given if you cannot give it after all.

A horsehead amulet. I have one, but I won’t miss it…

A second chance.

This one is slightly used, but still good.

I would give a Bag of Fierce Mint Humbugs; the state of oral hygiene down here is atrocious.

A Bejewelled Cane, and I wouldn’t require months of favors in advance like a certain leech of a Lapidary!

I would give them my dreams of fire. What better gift in winter than warmth? Even if it is all in your head.

A finely crafted Ratwork Derringer. I would then immediately challenge them to a duel and after said duel I would take the derringer off their temporarily comatose corpse.

Now, who wants a “free” sword-cane?