If I cancel an invite, do I get the items back?

I’m assuming not, which would suck mightily. But worth asking before I do.

I’m trying and failing to find active players to betray. I’ve sent out about 10 requests, and am up to level 4 of candle, but the other players simply aren’t responding either way. It took AGES to get all that stuff, and I’m disheartened if I have to keep working to get more searing enigmas to send to people I’ve no idea if they’re playing or not. My next plan is to create three new characters and play them up, as it appears to be the only way left.

However, I’ll still need to grind enough for 3 more betrayals - unless I can withdraw my invitations and get the bits back.
(I don’t want to withdraw them if I don’t, as that person might one day come on again. That said - I asked one of them to, and they couldn’t see my request anyway…)

I’m wittering. I’m tired. I can’t even remember my question.

You already know the answer. Woe, pain etc.

(No, you don’t get them back.)

… You are right. sigh flail uselessly
Now to haunt people on twitter and ask whether they’re being incompetent, lying, or whether there is actually a bug about not seeing my invite.
Sigh. I have been driven insane by my need for the name. I may become the next upper London Jack of Smiles as a result…

What about sending a cheaper invite first, just to see if they’re active or not? I mean, you’d save on enigmas…

Oh hindsight … :-)
Completely didn’t think of that. Also, I’m not the most organised, so I’d have to take note of the eligible names for the candle, and then find an applicable other invite card. Still. For the future.

Mm. I’ve lost enigmas that way before realising that was a silly thing to do. It’s often best to pre-arrange who would be willing to accept one, so you know the search goes to a good name.

If you need a character to betray, I can give my alt, she would not mind.

Edit: oh, did not realize the thread was kind of old.
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