Will it be possible, in the future, to link other player’s as friends through their mantelpieces? Could there be a button or something on the mantelpiece that could add that person as a friend?

[color=330099]Nigel have you suggested this in the Feedback forum also? If not I should as the devs do use that frequently for ideas.[/color]

I did not know if this was a planned implementation, so I didn’t want to clog up the Feedback forums with something that might already be in the works. I also don’t know if this would apply soley to Fallen London and I reckoned if I was mistaken you would simply move this message to the StoryNexus boards.

If you will forgive me the presumption of utilizing this topic for my own ends - I don’t know where else to post this, alas - I, too, have some measure of problem with the IDENTITY system.

That is, it refuses to work for me, which is quite vexing. I have added two people to my new friend-list (and how glad I am that it is possible to do so now, seeing as I have no Facebook or Twitter account) but alas, I find myself unable to, say, send the one doing a particularly soul-staining plotline something that might be a boxed cat, or help the other out with his wounds.

However, quite curiously, they can interact with me. However, when I try any of the social options - from passing on cats in potentia to accidentally applying abominable salts to bandages in the name of science - I find myself unable to do so, as the only choices I get are the samey-samey Facebook and Twitter options as before, which I can’t use for above-stated reasons.

What must I do to rectify this sorry state of affairs? Certain people need cats, and others need bandaging, and I’d love to help them but can’t.

[color=330099]Please could you report this using

For me, a similar issue was fixed by opening settings and trying to add a friend who was already added but had vanished. Not sure if this is applicable to your problem, however.[/color]