Idea: Deloyable Light Beacons

Hey guys,

Love the game so far. I learned alot more about the mechanics of the game since playing these past few days. I got a grip on it now haha and its awesome. Do you think it would be a good idea to be able to deploy light beacons? I could see it working if they were priced right, not too cheap in other words. Or maybe make it some kind of reward from the Admirals office, or a quest to make travel more safe. It would be cool just to be able to plob some down in between port routes on your own though.

What does everyone think?
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Could be a good mechanic that added depth to the game if done right. But right now The Powers That Be are scrambling to get things done, so if it ever gets considered, it will be years from now.

raises eyebrow They’re scrambling because there’s a launch on Tuesday. Despite this, they’re still reading and considering* most things - dismissing some, most the good stuff they’re already implementing. Even the DLC isn’t planned for years from now, so it’s a bit cheeky to suggest they’re slow to get around to things! Look how fast they’re releasing patches and tweaking things in response to player feedback.

*Considering includes responses I’m sure they wouldn’t share with fans ;-) which will range from: ‘Is the person a loon?’ to ‘that’s a good idea let’s see how it could fit’ to ‘that’s a good idea but it can’t be implemented’ to ‘that’s a brilliant idea and we’re already planning it’.

Hmm. I sound grumpy. I’ve just done exercise and am REALLY hungry, so I apologise. (Save this - I’m never wrong, I never apologise) the tone is meant to be jovial ‘oi, how dare you, you cad? You bounder!’ Not ‘all praise the masters they can do no wrong die infidel’. K? ;-)
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I think that a good price would be 200 echoes increasing by 100 every time you buy one: Low enough that a player could use one at the very beginning when it has the most impact, but high enough that the element of terror isn’t stricken away. In addition, I feel like there should be specific places you could place them. That was new players could have a bit of direction when using them.

I do quite like the idea. I was wondering what could power them. Would they have a limited time use? Or use fuel you could top up at the expense of your own? Or maybe the glow would be some kind of phosphorescence/bioluminescence from a material you get from killing or collecting stuff? (If the latter, a dull glow, so you have to be really close for them to do good.)

(See edit above for apology re: tone. I’m now going to eat all the things.)
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Instead of money, they could also be a reward you get from the admiralty. Say, you get the first one after 5 commisions. Next one takes 6 commissions. And increasing. In addition, they may be able to give you a maximum of 10, but after that you gain the tools neccecary to move them around?

Yea I could see them being viable as a reward for something. Moving them around may be a good idea. You could then use them like a bread crumb trail when charting… uncharted waters.

The reason I don’t see that working is that it could be easily abused with freighter ship types: Just load up on a ton of fuel/supplies and you are set. Commissions aren’t that hard to fulfill, after all.

Yea, I thought it might make it too easy, but if they could some how balance it in there I think it could work. Maybe adjust how easy they are to get based on the Mode (Merciful would be easier to get a hold of). I think it would help encourage exploration personally.