Idea: An always useable messaging option

I’ve noticed that it’s often hard to coordinate with people, whenever they or I go somewhere else and become unreachable. What if there was a messaging option that worked no matter where each person was, whether dead/insane/zailing/etc.

One idea could be something like a cat or bat messenger in your inventory, something that could potentially fly anywhere or cross between any state of existence. Perhaps you could pay the messenger in something like secrets, instead of echoes, for each message delivered.

You would be surprised at how far the Postal Rats can go to carry a message to someone.

If only they accepted letters anywhere other than in the central Post Office in Fallen London they would suit your desires to a “T”.

Huh, I didn’t know that mail had that kind of reach. That definitely solves half the issue.

Yep, generic letters can be sent to literally anywhere, whether Ladybones or the Forgotten Quarter or the Iron Republic or the heart of the Elder Continent or Parabola.