I'd like to postpone a reckoning.

I want to seek the name, but not now. It seems the ideal thing to do when I’m bored of FL to let the game go out with a bang. The options to opt out say that I’ll opt out permanently, which I don’t want to do.

What’s the best way to postpone the story?

Not getting Unaccountably Peckish.[li]

*And if you do, by accident, use ACE OF HUNGERS to buy roast chestnuts to make it go away again.
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Sounds good.

Yeah, you can’t begin Seeking by accident, so no worry.

– Mal

If you only have that first point of it then you should just work on getting rid of Unaccountably Peckish and you should be mostly fine. However, if you’ve clicked past something that said &quotyou really shouldn’t do this&quot and are now at this screen you might be in a tricky spot. I can’t remember for sure but I don’t think you can perhaps not out of that screen without making a choice.

If this is the case you’re in I don’t know what to recommend. Selecting the option to proceed and just not going any further with it will keep it open but who knows what the consequences of that will be and obviously getting locked permanently out of the story isn’t a good option either. You could maybe beg support for help here but I don’t know what their policy is surround it.

It would be nice if there was a &quotmaybe later&quot option on this screen. All bets are off after the jump but until then you’re still in &quotthings should behave in reasonable ways&quot land.

EDIT: It seems this has already been sorted out above. Yes, the warning flags are big and loud and really explicit when you’re starting the content. Avoid Unaccountably Peckish until you’re ready and you’ll be fine.
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I already did that and got the Bad End item. I didn’t mind losing a few connections and some persuasive. Now I’ll just lower unaccountably peckish and continue playing as normal.

On Ace of Hungers though, pick the Chestnuts. I accidently picked one of the other options and now have the Mired in Dreams quality and Seeking 1.

I picked the Chestnuts with UP 1 and it didn’t do anything. It told me “UP has not changed because it is lower than 2.” So, how do you get rid of UP 1 now?

I recommend that you go to the Labyrinth First Coil, and buy some refreshments. That lowered it down to zero for me.

The Wounds opportunity card table scraps option will do the same.

Thank you, that worked!