I want to move.

So for the last two years I’ve been miserably bored in the city of Woodbridge, VA. So I have recently decided that my next big life goal is to move somewhere interesting. I’m thinking a big city like New York, London or Tokyo. I can’t really decide so I thought I would post here to get some opinions from you lot considering your about the closest thing I have to friends. T^T

Of those cities named, the one I know best is London. Generally, I’d say that people are the things that can really make or break a place, any place, but what I think is good about London and other big cities is that it is that much easier to find the kind of stuff (and therefore the people) that you’re interested in. I do like the fact that in London you can find a group of people interested in basically anything, from cross-stitching to spoken poetry to sexual fetishism, with less effort than is required in any other place else I’ve been. You do of course still need to go out and find people, but listings magazines and the internet can take away a lot of the pain.

One thing I’d really caution, however, is to think about language. Being able to communicate in the language of wherever you are (or being willing to try to speak badly if you’re learning) can make a huge difference to everything else, because it’s your gateway into being able to interact on even the most basic of levels. I have had experiences of being scared to go to the market because of a fear that the conversation will take me into territory I can’t understand and can’t get myself out of. Realising that most people will try to understand and that nonverbal communication can take you a helluva long way helped me a lot, as did a recognition that they probably won’t see me again even if it does go pear-shaped.

I have to second the caution on language, but I’m assuming you’ll do some rudimentary preparations before diving headlong into another culture. Putting aside those worries, my biased opinion is that you should try Tokyo. I myself plan to move to Japan as soon as I’ve saved up enough money, so I can teach English over there now that it’s a mandatory subject. I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and aesthetics, and I know I won’t be satisfied with just a visit.

Although, if you get molested in a subway car? Totally not my fault.
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I’ll take my chances. I’ve always had a certain sense of wanderlust that can never truly be satiated. Ever sense I was child I have traveled. I had an odd upbringing and now I can only stay entertained if I am constantly on the move. Some people would misdiagnose my condition as add or something of that ilk. I disagree I belief my affliction to be nothing more then a extreme case of apathy. This life of mine bores me and I constantly have to fight this boredom. I wish things were different but alas they are not. So I shall run far and long unto distant shores trying to escape that which is inevitable. That is why I must move again to stave off my greatest foe; ennui.