I want the higest ToL possible. Advice?

Ok, so, last year, I had nothing I really wanted to spend ToL on, so I figured: &quotLets get as much as I can now and keep it for next year.&quot So right now, I have 11 ToL and 6 buckets of Snow, and no idea what to do with any of it.

Except for one goal: putting the pieces together as it were. As many pieces as possible.

Any advice?

You can feed your pails to a wild boar to get ToL to 15.

Beyond that I think you’re dependent on Mr Sacks to increase ToL any further, so it’s going to be a very slow climb.

Snort Tears of the Bazaar like it’s a particularly aromatic candle. You can get up to 11 ToL, but there is a 1/5 chance your Tears will dissipate.

You could spend some ToL on Tears in the Nadir before using your buckets. Right now you’ll only be able to use four buckets before hitting ToL 15, but spending 7 ToL on Tears means your six buckets can bring you up to ToL 12, and you’ll get more snow before the holiday’s over.