I think I've outgrown the shop

With only the goat and related overgoats left, each one a grind beyond the one before by an order of magnitude…

Semiotic Monocle
Sneak-Thief’s Mask
Devilish Fedora

Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets

Far Khanate Lacquered Armour
Ratskin Suit
Dignified Tailcoat (Not max, max is Sumptuous Dandy’s Outfit, 460 echoes)

Insatiable Glove
Pair of Spiderchitin Gauntlets
Pair of Lenguals

Pair of Dancemaster’s Dabs (Not max, max is Twelve-carat Diamond Ring, 350 echoes)

Ratwork Watch
Infernal Sharpshooter’s Rifle
Set of Intricate Kifers (not max, max is Poison-tipped Umbrella, 450 echoes)
Irresistible Drum

A Meticulously Altered Stocking (beyond shop level)
Pair of Vakeskin Boots
Forgotten Spidersilk Slippers (beyond shop level)
Pair of Masterwork Dancing Slippers

Laconic Prodigy (beyond shop level)
The Cat’s Chiefest Claw

I’ve noticed a few upgrades that are still possible in the shop, but this is getting down to the slim end.

I’m starting to think there’s not much left I can get to help me out, any further bonuses are stat grind, and I’ve capped out persuasive a time or two as well, so there’s not much I can add is there?
Buy up the last 3, grind my stats, and that’s that, mechanically speaking?

After those 3 obvious ones, almost everything else is either fate locked, deep in plots, deep in other challenges (PVP for the knife), or mutually exclusive (profession items).

You might want to get Kingscale boots for a plus in Dreaded. Blemmigan Secretary has a +6 Persuasive bonus. And you can always (snicker) exchange your Notability for a boost in your POSI-specialization stat. I can’t think of anything else right now, but you really should consider checking the wiki.

My BDR list is … well, hold on, I’ll get it.


(D) Devilish Fedora (40 fate, for +1, I’d get a ratwork velocipede first)


(B) Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
(D) Ratskin Suit
(R) Academic Gown


(B) Pair of Lenguals


(B) Dilmun Club Lapel Badge
(R) Consonant Violin


(D) Kingscale Boots


(D)(B) Unfinished Hat

I’ve got a home comfort (fate). I don’t have a BDR ship. I do have plans to get the Iron Republic Journal, likely after the event season. When I catch up a little more with the nemesis content I’ll get the knife, +1D weapon. As to what one of them I get first, I don’t really know. I’m lacking +1 respectable that I could collect by simply wandering over and picking up a respectable connected pet. Likewise I could pickup a midnight matriarch. I’ve thought of getting the ratwork velocipede, still have the fate held for it. Mostly I’ve joined what I can, and affiliated were I could.

I keep thinking I might be entering the endgame, but when I look at those who are seriously end game, I feel like I’ve hardly begun.

Oh, and as for the blemington, if you want to exchange packages with me until one of us gets one, I’m in.

Heh, and I have this list FROM the wiki, with a comparrison to my own &quotmyself&quot, but a stark list of numbers and stats and costs does not enlighten me.
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I thank you for your offer, but I’m neither that interested in blemmigans nor in a +1 bonus to persuasive. For some reason, I was sure you could obtain one from a rare success on some heist (which is why I mentioned it as an option), but it seems to be wrong.

You don’t have to PvP for ‘the knife’, assuming you want the +20 one.

You will need to repeatedly get 7+ notability to swap for tokens though.

For BDR there’s a +2 hat and +3 weapon at the Feast of the Exceptional Rose (though Journal is almost as good), the Ubergoat and Bifurcated Owl both give 4, the Boneless Consort gives 3, the Ratwork Velocipede gives 4, the clubs give 4, the Yacht gives two, and God’s Editors (plus maybe other affiliations) give 4. Getting every single possible point is more a bragging rights reward than something notably (heh) better though.

Don’t forget, the shop does offer a quick- if pricey- way to aquire lots of items.

The hat and weapon are quite a bit more then a cup of coffee, and I’d sooner do a plot with story I’m afraid.

Goat is &quotin progress&quot … and probably will be for years.

I’ve got the resoliance to make the owl.

Consort is … what, 150 fate, 250, something like that? It also locks you out of the passion destiny.

Ratwork is a plot I’m thinking of doing.

Aquired the clubs and affiliations.

I think I’m a zubmarine person, but I’m sticking with the swift clipper for now, until I’ve grinded captian as high as I feel like.

I’m holding myself at 19 tokens, when the end of the month payout hits I’ll gain 12. If I cash in my 10 notability I’ll be within 1 of getting it, and somebody has offered to throw that fight (actually, has offered to throw 3 fights and a golden so I can get the house too). But it’s still a pretty insane expendature (though the reward is, likewise, insane).

So, as I was asking…

Of the various items that are &quotpick one from list&quot (3 rare pets, connection pets, employment items) are there any that are noteworthy as being that much better or useful then any other?

I don’t think the Boneless Consort (125 Fate) locks you out of getting Passion. As far as I know you just need Secrets Framed in Gold 60 to qualify.

This is so. I have both.

The Midnighter item is the only non-Fate home comfort that gives BDR, but if you have a Fate one then stats-wise it’s way worse. For Hallowmas, the Grubby Kitten (Urchins connected pet) is really helpful since its card has an option unlocked with a Starveling Cat that gives a lot of wounds and nightmares.

Currious, I thought you had to marry a player and have the ring to quallify for passion, my mistake.

Nope, you need to be married (and I don’t think it has to be to a player) for The Oath.

Destinies were implemented before player marriages, so you definitely don’t need to marry another player for any of them.