I Seem to have Mislaid My Spouse (Bug?)

The man to whom I was wed seems to have evaporated — perhaps he left the game and didn’t tell me? His name is Eric Vimes. At the moment, I am still showing an Espoused to value of +1, but under the words Espoused To:, the game tells me &quotYou currently don’t have any relationships!&quot He no longer appears under Seen With… or shows up as available for social actions, although he is still in my list of Acquaintances, and our Knife-and-Candle Pact is still active. I am quite confused by the odd circumstances in which I find myself. And if my spouse has in fact abandoned me, I should like to be able to marry another.

I haven’t got a spouse myself so don’t know exactly what may have happened but can you see his name under “write a letter” in your lodgings? If so he has probably gone to a menace area or out to Zee or one of the other areas that stop in London social actions. If not I don’t know what to suggest.

If his name is not visible, you might have accidentally removed his name from your contacts. If re-adding him prompts you with “This user could not be found”, it’s time to contact the Fix-It Police.

I thank you for your suggestions. Reveurciel, he does appear under write a letter, so perhaps all is not lost — yet his disappearance from my espoused to is new. If nothing else, I should let Alexis know about this.

[color=#C2B280]I’ve taken a look, and I think there are no bugs here, although there are three sources of confusion.

[ol][li]Though it may change in future, at present relationship qualities on your profile deliberately don’t list other players. If you check your Espoused To quality on your profile, it should display your spouse’s name as normal.[/li]
[li]Spouses are deliberately not Seen With you, and so ineligible for romantic evenings and the like. This is because we’re planning to add unique social actions for spouses in the not distant future.[/li]
[li]The messages when another player isn’t eligible for social actions are not very specific about the reasons.[/li][/ol]So: you are still married, and can in principle engage in most social actions with your spouse, excepting romantic evenings. Your spouse was probably away from London, insane, dead, or subject to some other trifling inconvenience.[/color]