I require a trade of 2 Lettice's Confession

You do realise that there is someone in Spite that would be happy to give you a couple of Lettice confessions in return for two illuminated gentleman confessions, right?

I did not realise this, I thought you could only trade with other players. Thank you for the advice :)

I’m aware of this, but have yet to encounter the fellow. Any idea how often he shows up there? Is there any trick to catching him other than persistence?
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The in London trade storylet moved every day. Unfortunately it always appeared near the bottom of the page and some people missed seeing it.

Today’s is in Watchmaker’s Hill. A friend of the Soft-hearted widow is trading for Kashmiri Princess; Illuminated Gentleman or Feducci

[quote=Master Jacket]If anybody at all has an excess of Lettice’s Confession (or have some and don’t plan to use them), I require two before the Hallowmas event ends and will trade any other confessions for them. After much grinding and very little luck I have the following Confessions:
8 Kashmari Princess (I can give away 7)
3 Soft Hearted Widow (I can give away 2)
2 Sinning Jenny (I can give away all)
6 Illuminated Gentleman (I can give away 4)
4 Feducci (I can give away 3)
1 Captivating Princess (I can give this away)

I hope somebody has what I need and that I have what they need in return, please reply soon before the event ends[/quote]

I’ll trade Lettice for Felducci! Seek me out under this name.

If still one Confession is needed, i have a spare one of Lettice. I’ll trade it in for anything, doesn’t matter to me. Just send me a trade request.

I have 3 Feducci, 1 Lettice, 4 Kashmire Princess, 1 Gentlemen on my alt. Come and get them.